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Variety (var.)
A taxonomic subdivision below that of species and between the ranks of subspecies and form, based on one or more morphological and genetic differences, and is slightly geographically separated from other members of the same species

Small veins

Velvety, covered with long, straight, very dense, soft fine hairs

The pattern of veining on a leaf blade, three types Palmate radiates from one point near the stem, Pinnate branches off a central rib that runs the length of the leaf, and Palmately Pinnate which is basically palmate but with each main vein having pinnate branches.

Having a wart-like or nodular surface

Three or more leaves radiating from a single node

Vestite, evanescently
A vanishing cover on a surface that was causing it to be other than glabrous

Vestite, vestiture
Surface covering or vestiture of blade/leaf, either Scale, Paleae, Gland, Indument, or Trichome

Villous, villi
Having moderately long, soft, somewhat shaggy, but unmatted, and not necessarily straight hairs

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