Registration History

Registration History

Begonia Cultivar Registration History

The History and Background of ABS Cultivar Registration.

The December 1953 issue of The Begonian released registered cultivars for the first time.

In 1955, The American Begonia Society was appointed the International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) for the genus Begonia by the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).

Since 1953, cultivars have been announced in The Begonian. The current list of registered begonias now has 1,044 named cultivars.

To register new cultivars visit our Begonia Registration page.

Who are the ABS Registrars?

The International Cultivar Registrar registers cultivars according to the latest edition of The International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants, ICNCP, now in its 9th edition, 2016).

1949-1957 H. M. Butterfield Nomenclature Director, approved cultivars No. 1-122 cultivars without descriptions. Emma M. Carleton as a member, approved cultivars No. 123-130.

1957-1959 Edna L. Korts Nomenclature Director, approved cultivars No. 131-167.

1959-1965 Alva Graham Nomenclature Director, approved cultivars No. 168-232.

1965-1979 Rudolf Ziesenhenne Nomenclature Director, approved cultivars No. 241-716. W. Grant McGregor as the Hybrid Registration, approved cultivars No. 233-240.

1979-1998 Carrie Karegeannes Nomenclature Director, approved cultivars No.717-968.

1979-1982 Thelma O’Reilly Nomenclature Co-director, approved cultivars No.717-846.

1998-2013 Gene Salisbury Nomenclature Director, approved cultivars No. 969-1006.

2013-2020 Priscilla Purinton Cultivar Registrar, approved cultivars No. 1007-1028.

2020- current Wen-Ke Dong a.k.a. Victor Dawn Cultivar Registrar, approved cultivars from No.1029-current.