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Pedicels arising from the same point, an indeterminate, usually flat-topped or convex inflorescence where the pedicels arise from the same point

Umbelliform, umbellate
In the form of, or resembling, an umbel

The place on the blade or leaf where the petiole is attached, when peltate the umbo is not on the margin of the blade Ex. B. venosa, when basifixed or non-peltate, the umbo is on the margin or outer edge of the blade Ex. B. kellermanii

A leaf margin that is wavy from the horizontal or side view of the leaf. This is unlike the other leaf margins which are described and viewed while looking down at the surface of the leaf. With a somewhat wavy margin but not so deeply or pronounced as sinuate

One sided

Having only one sex of flowers, either staminate or pistillate

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