ABS National Awards

ABS National Awards

The ABS National Awards Program was instituted in 1945, and recognizes individuals whose activities have benefited the Society in many ways.

The Herbert P. Dyckman Award for Service is presented to a member who has rendered long-term or very outstanding service for the American Begonia Society above and beyond the normal duties of a member or officer.

The Eva Kenworthy Gray Award is given for contributing original material toward helping the rank and file members further their study of begonias.

The Alfred D. Robinson Medal of Honor is for a Begonia cultivar that has been released for at least five years. This cultivar must be registered with the ABS Cultivar Registrar, widely distributed, and the originator of the Begonia must be a member of the American Begonia Society. This award may be won more than once by a hybridizer.

The Rudolf Ziesenhenne Award is presented to an editor who collects and edits the works of others for a publication either the U.S. or international and:

  1. Who encourages a broad array of writers both scientific and practical to write and contribute articles.
  2. Who issues a publication on begonias that is both excellent in design and content and which contributes to our knowledge and appreciation of begonias.

The Marge Lee Award is given to a person who contributes something of spiritual value toward cementing goodwill and harmony among members.

The Gene Salisbury Award is given to a grower who exemplifies the very best in cultural practice and shares their careful work of new species and hybrids. These are growers who contribute to our society simply through their excellence in growing begonias.

The Charles Jaros Award is a Lifetime Achievement Award given to a member who over decades has contributed to ABS through selfless support to growers and members by sharing extensive and comprehensive knowledge of Begonia and also leading by example with positive regard for all, whether they be new or experienced growers, new or long-time members of ABS. The recipient of this award has further uniquely contributed to ABS in a number of other ways, such as bringing new species into cultivation, taking ABS leadership roles, attending ABS gatherings, and/or supporting other members for greater involvement with ABS.

Award Nominations

Nominations and awards are made every year. The nominator may either submit a nomination by email or postal mail, with one nomination per letter. The nomination must include the name of the award and reasons this member should be so honored. Complete information about making nominations is included annually in The Begonian.

Contact the Chair of the Awards Committee for more information.

ABS National Award Winners

YearAlfred D. Robinson Medal of HonorEva Kenworthy Gray AwardHerbert P. Dyckman AwardRudolf Ziesenhenne AwardMarge Lee AwardGene Salisbury AwardTim O'Reilly AwardCharles Jaros Lifetime Achievement Award
2023B. 'Joe Hayden' (Rudolf Ziesenhenne)Yu-Min ShuiVirginia JensVictor Dawn aka Wen-Ke-DongFrances DrescherDean Turney
2022Stephen MaciejewskiWendy CorbyRick SchoellhornSally SavelleJanet WelshTom Keepin
2021Christina VanWykSally SavelleRandy Montes KerrTaddie HamiltonDenise ConklinFreda Holley
2020no awards given (convention cancelled due to COVID-19)
2019Joan CoulatRoss BolwellDaike TianMike FlahertyPaul CarlisleJohanna Zinn
2018B. 'Carmel Brown' (Tom Keepin)Ching-I Peng Ph.D.Ross BolwellBob & Dee StewartWanda & Dick Macnair
2017B. 'My Special Angel' (Walter Dworkin)Jacky DuruisseauAntoon HoefnagelsSandy JusticeBobbie Price
2016B. 'Bobbie Price' (Bobbie Price)Samuel and Elizabeth KennedyDoug ByromWendy CorbyStephanie RoseCarol Knight
2015B. 'Cracklin' Rosie' (Walter Dworkin)Tan Jiew HoeGloria UtzigThelma O'ReillyDon Miller
2014Normand DufresneMichael LudwigLinda TamblynNelda MooreJoan Coulat
2013B. 'Holley's Beauty' (Freda Holley)Martin DelgadoPaul TsamtsisMark TebbittValerie MorrisArlene Hoskins
2012B. 'Pagoda' (Freda Holley)Howard BergDr. Rekha MorrisJanet BrownMargaret FisherMike Flaherty
2011B. 'Taylor Anne' (Freda Holley)Johanna ZinnCheryl LenertJoe MooreMichael KartuzMichael Kartuz
2010Charles HenthorneFreda HolleyRekha MorrisLulu LeonardDeb Cox and Robin Jordan of Harmony FoliagePeter Notaras
2009B. 'Shaun Henthorne' (Michael Kartuz)Peter SharpTom KeepinJulie VanderwiltMary SakamotoDon MillerLouis Welch
2008Bill ClaybaughMary BucholtzPaul TsamtsisDonna MarsheckDoug & Joyce PridgenRichard Macnair
2007B. 'River Nile' (Brad Thompson)Morris MuellerHoward BergTom KeepinCarol NotarasBob GoldenR. L. Holley
2006Rekha MorrisJohanna ZinnCheryl LenertCharles JarosCharles Lenert
2005B. 'Holleymoon' (Freda Holley)Don MillerMichael KartuzBrad ThompsonTom KeepinGene SalisburyTim O'Reilly
2004B. 'Black Gold' (Brad Thompson)Charles JarosMaxine ZinmanKaren Bartholomew & Chuck Anderson
2003B. 'Cowardly Lion' (Kit Jeans-Mounger)Cheryl LenertJanet BrownFreda Holley
2002B. 'Flamingo Queen' (Ross Bolwell)Helene JarosRay & Leora FuentesTamsin Boardman
2001B. 'Little Miss Mummey' (Brad Thompson)Brad ThompsonRichard & Wanda MacnairEd & Phyllis Bates
2000B. 'Mary Sakamoto' (Brad Thompson)Freda HolleyMary Sakamoto
1999Mary BucholtzGene Salisbury
1998Gene & Ann SalisburyEleanor Calkins
1997Joan Coulat
1996B. 'Sweet Diane' (Howard Siebold)Kits Jean MoungerCarol Notaras
1995B. 'Silvermist' (Irene Nuss)Mae BlantonAnn Salisbury
1994Margaret LeeDon Miller
1993Dr. J.J.F.E. de WildeCharles Jaros
1992Carrie Karegeannes
1991Jack Golding
1990B. 'Glennis Crouch' (Mae Blanton)Arlene Davis InglesJoy Logee Martin
1989B. 'Connee Boswell' (Martin Johnson)Tamsin BoardmanJohn Ingles Jr.
1988Mabel CorwinMildred L. and Edward J. Thompson
1987B. 'Christmas Candy' (Mabel Corwin)Pat MaleyThelma O'Reilly
1986B. 'Withlacoochee' (Francis Michelson)Chuck Anderson & Karen BartholomewMartin Johnson
1985Hikoichi ArakawaJoy Porter
1984B. 'Nokomis' (Margaret M. Lee)Scott HooverPearl Benell
1983Phyllis & Ed BatesGoldie & Doug Frost
1982Clarence Hall
1981B. 'Buttercup' (Michael Kartuz)Mabel Corwin
1980B. 'Murray Morrison' (Belva Nelson Kusler)Thelma O'ReillyRudolf Ziesenhenne
1979Margaret Taylor
1978B. 'Bowtique' (Chester F. Nave)Jack GoldingMargaret & Paul Lee
1977B. 'Wanda' (Leo W. Porter)Mildred L. & Edward J. ThompsonGene Daniels
1976Alva GrahamGordon Lepisto
1975Dr. J. DoorenbosMae Blanton
1974B. 'Universe' (Thelma O'Reilly)Carrie KaregeannesHazel Snodgrass
1973B. 'Paul Bee' (Ruby Mae Bud)Dr. Fred BarkleyWalter Barnett
1972Elda HardingEverett Wright
1970B. 'Eunice Gray' (Irene Nuss)Ruth Pease
1969B. 'Lady Frances Jean' (Sylvia Leatherman)Harry M. ButterfieldAlva Graham & Edna Korts
1968B. 'Purple Petticoats' (Peter P. Lee)Drs. Lyman B. Smith & Bernice G. SchubertFlorence Gee and Herb Warrick
1966B. 'Sophie Cecile' (Belva Nelson Kusler)May Taft Drew
1965Mary Gillingwators
1964B. 'Madame Queen' (Beth Bath)
1963Dr. Clyde Drummond
1962Bert Slatter and Bernice Brilmayer
1961Helen K. Krauss
1960Louise Schwerdtfeger
1959Rudolf Ziesenhenne
1958Alice Clark
1957B. 'Verde Grande' (Susie Zug)Constance Bower
1956Charlotte Hoak
1955Bessie Buxton
1954B. 'Orange Rubra' (Leslie Woodriff)
1951B. 'Virbob' (M. Walker)
1950B. 'Ricky Minter' (Marie Turner) & B. 'Glendale' (Elinor V. Slocum)
1949B. 'Golden West' (Reinelt)
1946B. 'Freddie' (Rudolf Ziesenhenne)
1945B. 'Silver Star' (Elsie Frey)