By joining ABS, you support the ABS as a resource for culture and appreciation of begonias. You will find unique opportunities to learn about begonias, types, care, and successful growing as well as opportunities to join Virtual Education programs and educational seminars at ABS gatherings. You will benefit from having our Horticultural Correspondent at hand to answer your growing questions

The Begonian

The Begonian is the bimonthly publication of ABS and available to members in print and digital forms. The Begonian has articles and photos on growing begonias, terrarium care, new cultivars, care tips, membership, and more.

Unknown Begonia species, Kalimantan | Photo: Anthony Pinto


The ABS is an international resource and implements a variety of ways to support conservation of Begonia species. Through membership and generous volunteer work, as well as financial donations, you can support conservation efforts worldwide to discover and protect Begonia species, and identify and prevent destruction of natural habitats (in situ).


ABS is the authorized organization for registration of cultivars. ABS is a central resource for information about species and cultivars and their preservation. The mission of the Hybrid Preservation Committee is to save the accomplishments of past hybridizers, as many of these begonias are ‘one of a kind’, the rare magic of one person’s idea of a plant and what they created in search of this.

Seed Fund

The Seed Fund is open to ABS members and a key benefit of membership, offering seed from Begonia species and hybrids from around the world.


A branch of the ABS is a group of at least seven members of the American Begonia Society who wish to meet together to share and gather information on all aspects of Begonia growing. Branches are supported by the national organization of ABS and also each other to share information about growing, promoting and conserving begonias. Branch support offered through the Branch Relations Director.

ABS Gatherings

ABS gatherings are the annual national convention and the Southwest Region Get-together; both include special plant sales for members-only. These gatherings provide opportunities for members to get to know each other, including members from across the U.S. and beyond. Shows, sales, seminars, garden tours, offering fellowship with other Begonia lovers are held annually in locations around the world.

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