Seed Fund

Seed Fund

Seed Fund purchases are for ABS members and a key benefit of membership. The Seed Fund is made possible by the generous donations of ABS members who pollinate their begonias, and collect and share the seeds so that others can enjoy these extraordinary begonias that may otherwise not be available. YOU are encouraged to pollinate, collect and donate seeds to the Seed Fund.

Send orders, comments and suggestions to:
The Clayton M. Kelly Seed Fund
2533 Warrego Way
Sacramento, CA 95826


ABS encourages members to pollinate their species begonias and collect seeds to donate to the Seed Fund. By doing so, members contribute to the conservation of these species.

To donate and ship seeds:
Seeds should be wrapped carefully in a dry paper or glassine packet. It is important that the paper packet is folded on all four sides so that the seeds will not escape. Glassine envelopes can be used if the open side is folded twice before sealing. Place this in an additional paper or glassine packet for sufficient padding and to protect the seeds, and then into a mailing envelope. Do not use plastic envelopes, because the seeds adhere to the plastic. Do not use sealing tape as any escaping seeds will get stuck to the tape and are rendered useless.

Send donations of seeds to:

ABS Clayton M. Kelly Seed Fund
12507 Oak Plaza Drive
Cypress, TX 77429

To order seeds:

Click on the link below. NOTE: Seeds purchases are a benefit of membership and available to ABS members. Please login to your membership portal in order to add this item to your shopping cart. If you are not an ABS member, adding the item to your cart will result in a redirect to the Join ABS page, so that you can become a member and complete your seed purchase.