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Falling off at the end of one season of growth, as the leaves of non-evergreen trees; not persistent

Lying or growing on the ground but with erect or rising tips

Extending down and adnate to the stem, at the leaf base

Bent forward

Opposite leaves arranged with each succeeding pair at right angles to the pairs below and above them

Deeply Cordate
Blade base that has two equal rounded lobes forming a very pronounced sinus or notched part of a heart Ex. B. squamipes

Bent or turned abruptly downward

Dehiscence, loculicidal
The slit openings for seed dispersion are located at the (mid) surface of the locules of the fruit

Dehiscence, septicidal
The slit openings for seed dispersion are located at the septals (the membranes that divide the ovary into locules) of the fruit

The process of opening or breaking open at maturity to release the contents, as in fruits or seeds, and anthers (compare indehiscent)

Deltate; delta
Shaped like an equilateral triangle

Triangular blade; equilaterally triangular, with a broad end at the point of attachment

A leaf margin that has sharp, spreading, coarse teeth that point away or upwards from the main vein instead of slanting forward or towards the tip of the leaf. The teeth can be straight sided or concave but come to a point

A leaf margin with very small teeth, or finely dentate, in that the teeth point upright along the margin but are finer than dentate

Undeveloped, reduced, starved, less developed

Gradually going downward

An inflorescence where the terminal flowers blooms first, halting any further elongation or growth of the main axis

Dichasium, compound
The enlargement from a simple dichasium by the repeated dichotomous branching one or more times

Dichasium; dichasial
A cymose inflorescence where each axis produces two opposite or subopposite lateral axes, plural is dichasia View Illustration

Dichotomous asymmetrically
Having pairs with unequal divisions

Dichotomous; dichotomy
Divided in two parts; having divisions in pairs

Having two cotyledons (seedling leaves)

Digitally lobed
Having finger-like lobes

Having distinct parts arising from a common point or center; palmate

A plant bearing flowers of only one sex; unisexual, having each one of the pistallate and the staminate flowers on different plants (compare monoecious)

Occurring in widely separated geographic areas, distinctly separate; applies to a discontinuous range where one or more populations are sufficiently separated to prevent gene flow, interbreeding between them

Divided into may deep, narrow segments

Distally; distal
Toward the tip, or the end of the organ opposite the end of attachment or base

When two rows of leaves are on opposite sides of an axis; two-ranked

Spreading far apart

Parted; with incisions greater than two thirds the way from the margin to the umbo

Axe or cleaver shaped; attached at a point other than the base, usually near the middle

Double Dentate
With the teeth of a dentate leaf margin and the teeth themselves also being dentate

Double Serrate
With the teeth of a serrated leaf margin and the teeth themselves also being serrated

Covered with short and weak soft hairs

Duplicate Dentate
Doubly dentate, each tooth is self-toothed

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