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There are currently 45 names in this directory beginning with the letter B.
Berrylike; pulpy or fleshy

Resembling bamboo; cane-like

Bare Leaved
Glabrous, or hairless leaves

Positioned at or arising from the base of any thing, as leaves arising from the base of the stem

Basal Lobes Overlapped
Of a blade base where no sinus is visible as one of the two lobes at the base sits over the other Ex. B. acetosa

Basal Lobes Spiraled
A leaf base with lobes that curl around to form a spiral. Can be double spiraled or spiraled on one side only. Can be further described as double or single spiraled Ex. B. rex

Lowest point of attachment of any plant part; in a leaf, the lower approximately 25% of the lamina

Attached at, to, or by the base

terminating gradually in a hard, long, straight point

Having a tuft of hair

Genus of the family Begoniaceae, perennial, flowering plants that grow in tropical and subtropical areas

The family of plants to which the genus Begonia belongs

Having two tips where each is tapering to a point with essentially straight or only slightly convex sides

Furnished with two ear-like appendages

Of two colors

Forked; cut in two for about half its length

With two lamellae

Having two lobes

Having or consisting of two lobes

Having two locules, cells, or cavities

Species name consisting of name of genus and specific epithet

Divided into two portions almost to the base

Compound-leaved with leaflets on both sides of the petiole (like a feather) which is pinnate

The divisions of a pinnatifid blade are pinnately cleft again

Having both sexes of flowers on an inflorescence- both staminate and pistillate flowers

The lamina or flattened, broad part of a leaf, excluding the stalk or petiole; may apply to a petal, or sepal. View Illustration

Blade Surface
Variations in the lamina or leaf blade outer layer can be described by the terms: Rugose or covered with reticulated (network of) veins, spaces between are convex (wrinkled), and the elevations irregular, e.g., B. goegoensis, B. rajah, or Bullate where the surface is irregularly puckered or blistered e.g., B. crispula, or Muricate where surface is with a uniform low obtuse elevation e.g., B. ‘Black Raspberry’, or Pustulate where surface has numerous uniform acute elevations, like pimples e.g., B. ‘Emerald Jewel’, or Foveolate where the surface is pitted with shallow distinct depressions e.g., B. ‘Tom Ment’

Blade Texture
The surface of leaves categorized primarily by the blade relative thickness, Membranous is thin or semi-transparent, Chartaceous is paper thin and opaque, Coriaceous is medium thick, but with the appearance and flexibility of soft leather, Fleshy is a thick, firm, juicy, often brittle (breaking when bent to 90 degrees), and Scarious is shriveled, thin and dry, as in old dried out stipules

A much reduced leaf-like structure just below the base of a flower cluster stem (peduncle). Bracts protect developing flower buds

A small bract appearing either singly or in pairs, a short distance down the pedicel or calyx

A secondary stem growing from the main stem or another secondary limb

Stiff hairs

Broadly crescent form
Broad and with the shape of the moon in its first or last quarter when it appears to have one concave edge and one convex edge

Broadly cuneate
Wedge shaped, narrowly triangular with narrow end at point of attachment, and a 6 to 5 length to width ratio

Broadly Ovate
A leaf shape that is a flattened oval, oblong or elliptical shape, broadest at the lower end with a 6 to 5 length to width ratio

Broadly Reniform
Kidney-shaped; crescent-shaped wit the ends rounded, 6 to 5 length to width ratio

Broadly Rounded
Orbicular, a little included to be oblong, 6 to 5 length to width ratio

Broadly Rounded-Ovate
A rounded egg shape with a 6 to 5 length to width ratio

Broadly Triangular
A leaf shape that is a triangle shape of more than a 45 degree angle

Undeveloped shoots such as in leaf nodes of the stem View Illustration

Modified underground bud made up of a very short stem covered with leafy scales or layers

Miniature bulb asexually produced about the base of scales of a mature bulb

A miniature bulb produced in leaf axils of a plant. Propagules, in which leaflike organs act as storage organs

Diminutive for bulb

A leaf surface that is irregularly puckered or blistered. Ex. B. paulensis

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