Rows and rows of beautiful begonias in just one of the Begonia greenhouses at the FWBG.

On March 19, 12:00 PM Eastern, ABS will present a virtual tour of the spectacular Fort Worth Botanic Garden (FWBG) Begonia Collection and Begonia Species Bank. Known for housing the largest collection of Begonia in the United States, this FWBG tour will feature many of the species and cultivars in their collection as well as tips on propagating, repotting, producing seed, and general culture of many varieties of begonias. Attendees will also have a chance to meet some of the volunteers who grow and care for this important collection.

The FWBG is part of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT), one of the largest centers for botanical exploration and discovery in the United States. It has achieved accreditation for its Begoniaceae by the North American Plant Collection Consortium and has a long-standing commitment to showcasing the diversity of begonias.

“I love giving tours and opening the door saying, ‘I want to hear oooohs and ahhhhhhs!’ People look inside and are overwhelmed,” says Taddie Hamilton, a 14-year volunteer at the FWBG, describing how she feels when she gives in-person tours. “Most think only of semperflorens begonias – the garden variety. I love teaching them about petioles and peduncles and male and female flowers. They are amazed. Then I point out the beautiful leaves. What a thrill for people to know something when they leave, that they did not know when they arrived!”

This program is for ABS members and will be held via Zoom. If you are not an ABS member, consider joining and enjoy this virtual program as well as many other benefits of membership!

Deborah Garrett, Don Miller, and Taddie Hamilton are among the many people that work together to grow the hundreds of begonias in the FWBG Begonia Collection and Begonia Species Bank.

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