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Applications have opened for both the 2024 ABS Student Convention Grants (p. 103), and the 2024 ABS Conservation and Research Fund Grants (p. 90). The research done under these grants aids conservation efforts and increases our gains in new data and discovery of begonias.

  • Start planning now for the ABS Convention 2024 August 20–24 in Long Beach, CA. Expect a spectacular sale, first-class tours and more, more, more. Find the early details on page 85.

  • Begonias are beautiful and fascinating—and sometimes, food, or medicine. Conservation Corner (p. 91) looks three begonias that are utilized by their human neighbors. In one example, Begonia leaves are even used as a skin dye.
  • Part 2 of Growing Hybrid Tuberous Begonias in the Midwest (p. 104) focuses on sourcing quality tubers and how to take cuttings. Author, Mark Druckenbrod, shares his knowledge of growing, and even propagating, these beauties in a hot, dry summer climate.

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