This issue of The Begonian is a special one.

  • Thanks to the efforts of Freda Holley, there are three articles on pruning in this issue and one or two in the next issue. Freda’s article, “Dressing the Cane-Like Begonias in Their Best Leaves” (pg. 191), offers tips and experience from years of growing and hybridizing cane begonias. Doug Pridgen shows the progression of pruning practices through photos. (pg. 176) 
  • Begonia of eastern Bahia State in Brasil” (pg. 184) documents Ludovic Kollmann’s journey to the Caatinga biome. There, begonias share the view with cacti (see the back cover for a spectacular shot of Begonia ruhlandiana). This expedition was partially funded by an ABS grant. 
  • Details for the upcoming Begonias on My Mind Convention, in Atlanta are outlined starting on page 166. Find out about new show divisions, where the plant sale will be and a few more things you need to know before you go.