Don’t miss this issue of The Begonian!.

​It’s the changing of the guard. Time to vote in a new slate of ABS Officers. Please find the Officer nominations and bios on pages 87 and 88. And, look for the ballot on the back of your mailing label in this The Begonian mailing bag. Vote today— the deadline is July 21, 2023.  And there’s so much more in this issue:

  • A preview of our Student Convention Grant winners and their presentations (pg 86). These will be shared at the upcoming, first ever, SWR Get-Together and ABS National Convention all rolled into one in Tyler, TX! It’s almost on us, May 24–27. Find what you need starting on page 96.
  • As soluble rocks dissolve, karst structures form. Begonia nurii, a wee jewel of a plant, has found a very special microhabitat in the karst hills of Peninsular Malaysia. Tree roots and mosses share this unusual home with nurii. Here’s a fascinating read starting on page 101.
  • Hey, ABS Members! Do you know all your benefits of membership? You can find out. And you! Branch program directors— you won’t want to miss all the ideas shared by other groups to put together a successful program. It’s all in the Member Resource section of our website, Log in under the Membership tab. All the details on page 89.

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