The May/June issue of The Begonian is full of great Begonia information!

  • To further conservation efforts within the ABS, a new Division is being added to the September 2022 Atlanta Convention Show Schedule. “At-Risk Begonias” will focus on those begonias vulnerable to challenges to them and the habitats they call home. Get all the details (page 89) for exhibiting in this new Division. A great example of an At-Risk Begonia is Begonia promethea, (page 88).


  • Learn about capillary mat irrigation, in an article by Doug Pridgen. Doug explains how to set up and succeed with a simple watering system that really works for growing begonias.
  • Two new Begonia species were discovered by chance on a nature walk in the Philippines. One of these, attractive new species, Begonia tandikan, is pictured on the back cover of this issue. The article starts on page 94.
  • Finding out what the species name of a plant is named for can be helpful, informative, and amusing. One exotic plant, Begonia dracopelta, takes its name from an exotic creature. See if you agree, page 113.