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Stately. Elegant. Charming. All words used to describe a spectacularly grown cane-like Begonia. But, behind the scenes, many of us deal with problems of mildew and dormancy in our own cane Begonia collections. Turn to page 70, for a fascinating look at six members in six areas of the United States and their experiences growing these beauties. This is an excellent reference for all Begonia lovers.

  • As Begonia habitats come under attack from climate change, development and deforestation, your ABS continues to support expeditions designed to find new begonias and to work to conserve all begonias. Two new expeditions have been approved under our Conservation and Research grants. Find out who will be going and what they hope to find. Page 52.
  • A new cultivar, Begonia ‘Steve’s Leaves Cierge Magique’, won the Hybrid of Distinction award at the National Convention in 2022. If you have ever been curious about the back story of how an award-winning hybrid is created, turn to page 50.
  • It’s a marriage made in Begonia heaven. This year, a combined Southwest Regional Conference and the ABS National Convention will be hosted together May 24–27 in Tyler, TX–known as the Rose Capital of America. Check out the tours that have been planned, starting on page 45.

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