Take a peek at what’s in the March/April 2022 issue of The Begonian! Looking for a great online resource for all things Begonia? Check out the newly launched begonias.org, website of the American Begonia Society! Find out more about the website and the people behind it in this issue of The Begonian. And speaking of begonias – don’t miss these articles:

  • People generally grow begonias more for their gorgeous foliage than for their flowers. Variegation is one of the factors in that preference, but what causes variegation? The article, “Patterns and causes of variegation in Begonia leaves” has some interesting answers. Turn to page 55.
  • The elegant Begonia lyman-smithii creates quite a stir in a collection with its blue-green leaves and the fuzzy, rusty red hairs on the stems and leaf backs. Learn more about growing this plant from seed, and beyond, starting on page 67.
  • Dealing with fungus in a Begonia collection can be a battle. Turn to page 76 to get some perspective from a long-time grower and a few tips on winning the powdery mildew war.