Don’t miss this issue of The Begonian!

There’s a small army of people behind the day-to-day operations of the American Begonia Society. Our treasurer, the website team, our secretary, our convention committee, oh lots of committees—just look at page 159 of The Begonian. One of our hard-working committees is The ABS Cultivar Preservation Committee. Turn to page 126 to learn a little more about their work and to hear some new history regarding Millie and Ed Thompson’s Begonia collection. There’s that, and there’s so much more in this issue:

Travel with Ludovic Kollmann to the south of Brazil in search of begonias. Getting there is not for the faint of heart!

As promised, a look at the Begonia section of the Philadelphia Flower Show. See the gorgeous entries and award winners starting on page 144. An ABS judging school was presented at the same time to allow more out of town ABS judges to participate (page 154) and the Delaware Valley Branch created a very special Begonia exhibit that drew lots of visitor attention (page 156).

Is it Christmas in July? Nope. But it is time to start thinking about a 2023 donation for the ABS Holiday Greetings. For a recap of last year, and the details for 2023, go to page 157.