After 2 long years of isolation, the Southwest Region Get-Together finally happened in June 2022! It was in-person, and it was a celebration of old friends, new friends, and begonias, begonias, begonias! Since the Get-Together was held in Fort Worth, Texas- home to the Begonia Collection at the FW Botanical Gardens- we were treated to a few special surprises. Articles start on page 144. And, if you missed the SWR GT, no worries! The ABS Convention in Atlanta starts on September 26. Find the details on page 130.

And don’t miss!

  • What’s the difference between a bulb and a bulbil? And what do they have to do with begonias? Go directly to page 131 for the answers.
  • Four intriguing Begonia U Numbers are featured in this issue starting on page 138. All four are shrub-like species. All from Indonesia. And you are going to want all of them in your collection.
  • And a special treat. Jessica Chevalier sent a photo of her Begonia ‘Marmaduke’. She apologized that it was probably not that exciting, but, she explained, “…I think it’s marvelous!”  That gave me pause to think about my favorite begonia(s) and how, when they bloom, or erupt with new leaves, or simply happen to be in a perfect shaft of sunlight, then I think that plant is marvelous to the tenth power. Jessica’s plant is on the cover as a toast to all of us Begonia lovers and our favorite plants. Every single one deserves a spot on the cover. Cheers!