The American Begonia Society has a brand-new logo! Revolving around a Begonia rex cultorum leaf (take a look on pages 162 and 165), the logo and mission statement affirm simply and cleanly who we are and where we are headed.  (The design would make for a terrific tee shirt!) While the ABS turns 90 next year, work has been underway to keep our group young and relevant. Read more about our ABS logo and mission statement on page 165.  And don’t stop there – this is one great issue.

  • Begonia henryi (p. 170) boasts many beautiful and variable patterns on its huge leaves, like the one on this The Begonian The author describes some as beautiful as a painting. Yet, this plant is not widely grown.
  • An unidentified Begonia hybrid has been making the rounds. Is it Begonia microsperma × B. staudtii, or is it something brand new? Turn to page 186 for the mystery.
  • Several articles in this issue include information from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. A list we respect and appreciate – not one we want to see Begonias (or any plant) categorized on. Tragically, one species, Begonia eiromischa, finds itself listed as extinct (p. 190).