What do Begonia ‘Lime Swirl’, B. ‘Orange Rubra’ and B. ‘Pink African violet’ have in common – besides they are all begonias? Give up? All those begonias and SO many more were hybridized by Leslie Woodriff.  This prolific hybridizer was also the originator of a very famous and ubiquitous garden hybrid. Turn to page 96 for more. Have a look at these articles while you’re there…


  • Phone cameras are a wonderful tool. Especially when that surprise bloom or perfect moment of light and shadow appears on a favorite Begonia. Learn a couple of tricks when your inner photographer shows up. See Mobile Phone Photography, pg 92.
  • Learn about one Begonia grower’s blueprint to success when challenged to grow her begonias without a greenhouse. Interesting tips and tricks for all. Article starts on page 93.
  • John Tan Jiew Hoe’s Begonia Garden, featured on the cover and on page 114, had humble beginnings – but it has now grown into a paradise of begonias.