It’s good to have a project. Even more so if it involves begonias. In this issue of The Begonian, two articles offer knowledge and inspiration to DIY train a begonia. Find out what it takes to coax a begonia into a standard form. Discover the charms of a begonia grown as a living wreath. What plants work best for these growing techniques? And why? Author, Mike Flaherty, challenges everyone to try their hand fashioning a novel grown Begonia for the next show. What will you create? Get started on page 228. There’s more news and ideas though, so don’t stop there …

  • Fifteen new Begonias from long-time Australian hybridizer, Bernard Yorke, are registered in this issue. Some— you may already know. Some— perhaps not. Check it out starting on page 213.
  • The Fort Worth Botanic Garden’s Begonia Collection has a new curator. Say hello to Glenn Dickerson. And wish Debbie Garrett, retiring curator, the very best. See page 219 for all the information and photos of this impressive collection.
  • Begonia ‘Wanda Macnair’ graces our cover this month. It appears as a farewell to an outstanding friend of the American Begonia Society, Wanda Macnair. A few remembrances of her are offered starting on page 236.