Check out this complete issue of The Begonian, a bimonthly journal for all those with interests in the varied plant family of Begoniaceae. The Begonian is just one of the benefits enjoyed by membership in the American Begonia Society.

Enjoy reading the complete issue of the January/February 2021 Begonian!

    • It’s nice to dream of faraway places and adventure. Maybe a Begonia expedition to an exotic locale? We’ve got that for you in this issue with “Begonia Hunting in Vietnam – Part 1.” Join Stephen Maciejewski, Wen-ke Dong and others on an exciting 18-day trip through remote areas in search of our favorite plants.
    • Find out how a grower’s efforts to hybridize her begonias led her on a journey of conservation instead in “Species Conservation of Begonia thelmae.”
    • If you’ve been growing begonias for more than five minutes, you’ve heard the name Irene Nuss. Read about her amusing hybridizing backstory and more about the beautiful begonias she created in “Irene Nuss: Looking Back at a Very Special Hybridizer.”
    • A Long Overdue Begonia Registration: Begonia ‘Eaglesham’ by Robert Eaglesham, the Jardin Botanique de Montréal.
    • Any pot can be a suitable candidate for growing begonias, from plastic to terra-cotta. Take a look at options at this article, and decide what is best suited for your begonias.

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