The Save Our Species program of the American Begonia Society was created in 2010 to encourage its members to adopt one or more species, keep them growing in cultivation and, by propagation, share these plants with others, so that we do not lose these begonias.

So many species, including Begonia species, are no longer found in the wild, and the loss continues at an alarmingly rapid rate. Read about Begonia Species Conservation

Members who participate in the SOS Program share their growing advice and, ultimately, go on to share their plants with other members at their local branch meetings, plant shows and sales, and at ABS national gatherings.

These members are well able to inform others about the species they grow, including how easy it is to grow many of them, and encourage others to grow and share Begonia species.

Top left clockwise: Begonia ningmingensis, B. vankerckhovenii, B. kingiana, and B. subacida.

To join the SOS program, all you need to do is to select a species, or several species, to adopt. Click here to contact the SOS chair; you will need to complete the SOS report and submit the report and accompanying photos to the SOS chair. Here is Cultivation Information provided by members who participate in the SOS Program.