Support for Branches of the American Begonia Society

Branches are instrumental for keeping the society vital, and active. They are groups of Begonia lovers that generally live in one area, can share their passion for begonias as well as combine efforts to share new species and varieties. Many branches offer sales to the public as fund raisers for field trips to visit Begonia growers or botanical gardens. Regardless of how the branch decides to spend their time, a branch offers enjoyable local activity and more personal interactions between members.


ABS wants to make things easier for branch organizers and as part of that effort we have added a section to the ABS website called ‘Branch Resources’. It is accessed in the member portal (meaning it is only available to current members who are logged in to the website). Once you are logged in simply float your cursor over the membership link at the top of the page, login, then select Branch Resources from the drop down list. Included in the resource section are tips on how to start a branch, recruit members, and build a strong branch structure. Also, there is a section of presentations you can use locally to provide new information on many different Begonia related topics.

Many of our members live in places where they’re not an active branch. But, if you are curious, just email us and we can check to see if there is a existing branch near you. In addition to online resources, remember that if you have questions about starting, running, managing or joining a branch, you can always reach out to the ABS Membership Committee and Branch Relations at this email

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