Begonia ‘Pink Minx’

Begonia ‘Pink Minx’ is a cane-like cultivar introduced in 2002 when Kit Jeans Mounger crossed Begonia aconitifolia and Begonia U062. The deeply lobed leaves showcase black venation splashed with silver and pink while the backs are a deep red. Its flowers grow in pink clusters.

B. ‘Pink Minx’ is a show-stopping begonia that is also very easy to grow. Since it does not require extra humidity, it can easily be grown as a houseplant.

“…several years ago I crossed aconitifolia with U062 looking for a begonia with U062’s good looks and without her weakness for mildew. The seedlings were interesting: white or silver with red veins, tending to pink-with vivid pink flowers. The leaves were glamorous: pure satin. And almost as finely ‘fingered’ as aconitifolia…I kept 2 of the seedlings which I named ‘Pink Minx’ and ‘Sweet Suzanne.’” – Kit Mounger in The Begonian (Nov/Dec 1998)

ABS Photo of Pink Minx