Photo: Steve’s Leaves

Begonia ‘Mini Mo’ and B. ‘Micro Mo’: two miniature begonias from the same parents.

Don Miller is an ABS member who is a talented hybridizer and a Co-chair of the U Number Committee. He volunteers at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden Begonia Species Bank and has worked for Steve’s Leaves.

When Don worked at Steve’s Leaves, one of his goals was to hybridize “small” begonias. He picked a Begonia with small leaves (B. bowerae nigramarga) and crossed it with one with a dark black leaf (B. ‘Mo Reese’), aiming for a miniature Begonia with black leaves.

From this cross, he got both ‘Mini Mo’ and ‘Micro Mo’! B. ‘Mini Mo’ is mid-size between B. ‘Mo Reese’ and B. ‘Micro Mo’. These begonias have deep black leaves with short hairs along the leaf margins. The leaf veins are an attractive contrasting light green. B. ‘Micro Mo’ has nice white flowers that complement its black leaves. ‘Mini Mo’ and ‘Micro Mo’ are easy to care for.

B. ‘Mini Mo’ | Photo: Don Miller

B. ‘Micro Mo’ | Photo: Don Miller

To bring the family even closer together, these cultivars are all named for Maurice Amey, an ABS member who lived in Dallas. Maurice was known for his lively and creative intellect and personality.

Hybridizing begonias is an adventure! When considering the parents, the creator aims for particular characteristics, and then has to wait until the seedlings mature to see what happens and how they grow!

Maurice Amey, Naron and Barbara Stewart with Begonia ‘Maurice Amey’

B. ‘Mo Reese’| Photo: Steve’s Leaves