To honor the hybridizers of the past, we want to find the following cultivars in order to propagate their cuttings, leaves, or stems. By doing this, ABS can then share these new ‘old’ plants with member’s collections.


  • Write the name of the cultivar and where it came from on a sealable sandwich bag using a waterproof marker.
  • Place a paper napkin, with 4-6 crops of water in the bag.
  • Pack each cutting (leaf or shoot) in the correctly named bag, seal the bag, and place the bag(s) in a shipping box.
  • Mail to: Address as instructed by email reply.

NOTE: A flexible shipping envelope increases risk of damage to the cuttings during shipping, so a rigid box or 2+ layers of bubble wrap will help to protect the plants.

Read: The Lost Hybrids of Irene Nuss

Read: The Lost Hybrids of Leslie Woodriff

The Lost Hybrids of Irene Nuss

Name Plant type Origin
1. B. ‘Bea Roberts’ Cane-like 1978
2. B. ‘Catherine N’ Cane-like 1997
3. B. ‘Chet Nave’ Cane-like 1973
4. B. ‘Claire Christensen’ Cane-like ?
5. B. ‘Concerto’ Cane-like 1998
6. B. ‘Donna Marie’ Cane-like 1998
7. B. ‘Easter Parade’ Cane-like 1978
8. B. ‘Elsie Manahan’ Cane-like 1998
9. B. Flora Lei’ Cane-like ?
10. B. ‘Glendora Champlin’ Cane-like ?
11. B. ‘Goldie Frost’ Cane-like ?
12. B. ‘Jackie Brookshire’ Cane-like 1989
13. B. ‘Jana Ross’ Cane-like ?
14. B. ‘Katharine Alberti’ Cane-like 1978
15. B. ‘Laura Rokey’ Cane-like 1978
16. B. ‘Linda Nuss’ Cane-like 1978
17. B. ‘Marion Lindgren’ Cane-like 1998
18. B. ‘Minuet’ Cane-like 1998
19. B. ‘Pat McElderry’ Cane-like 1998
20. B. ‘Peaches’n Cream’ Cane-like 1998
21. B. ‘Pataloons’ Cane-like 1998
22. B. ‘Rain Dance’ Cane-like 2000
23. B. ‘Regis Way’ Cane-like 1998
24. B. ‘Rhapsody’ Cane-like 1978
25. B. ‘Snowflakes’ Cane-like 1998
26. B. ’Staccato’ Cane-like 1998
27. B. ‘Westchester’ Cane-like 1971

The Lost Hybrids of Leslie Woodriff


Name Plant type Origin
B. ‘Alto de Serra’ Shrub like 1945 Shrub like 1945
B. ‘Baby Rainbow’ B. B. Rex-cultorum
B. ‘Bokit’ Rhizomatous 1957
B. ‘Brown Eyes’ Rhizomatous 1973
B. ‘Carol Imp’ Rhizomatous 1948
B. ‘Cathansiana’ Rhizomatous 1948
B. ‘Cath-Imp’ Rhizomatous 1948
B. ‘Double Cross’ Rhizomatous 1947
B. ‘Fairy’ Tuberbous 1944
B. ‘Fantasy’ B. Rex-cultorum
B. ‘It’ B. Rex-cultorum
B. ‘Ivy Ever’ Scandent 1947
B. ‘Lulandii’ Cane 1935
B. ‘Pink Fairy’ Tuberbous 1946
B. ‘Silver Cascade’ Scandent 1977
B. ‘Two Face’ Scandent 1978
B. ‘Versi-Cath’ 7 Rhizomatous 1977
B. ‘Silver Sweet’ B. Rex-cultorum