B. ‘Alafia’ is a very popular hybrid of mine developed in 1994. It is a cross between B. ‘Cowardly Lion’ x B. manicata, the species, and is remarkable for its beautiful leaves, compact habit, and ease of growth. It was first displayed at the 1996 ABS Convention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

B. ‘Alafia’, pronounced “Al-a-fy-a”, is considered rhizomatous, large-leaved, spiraled, and probably distinctive as there are few like it.The waxy texture, deep ochre through cocoa, has a wonderful texture. Mature leaves average 8″, and mature spread is about 24″. B. ‘Alafia’ stays quite compact and is suitable for almost every growing environment. In late winter or spring, small stalks of pink flowers emerge from the rhizomes and last for weeks. They are lightly fragrant.

The B. ‘Alafia’ photo above was enhibited by Northhaven Gardens at the SWR Get-Together in San Antonio last September. Photo by Bill Claybaugh.

B. ‘Alafia’ responds to average rhizomatous care, which is shallow pots, light soil that dries out, and monthly feedings. Leaves propagate readily. The of the greatest assets of B. ‘Alafia’ is its ability to grow almost anywhere, and I have used it successfully in my landscape here in Central Florida.

Try it in your greenhouse, sunroom, or bright indoor window and watch it shine!