The American Begonia Society is the International Registration Authority for the names and cultivars of begonias. See a list of registered cultivars. Read a brief history of cultivar registration. Hybridizers, register your worthy begonias! The below brochure on registering your begonias will make the registration process easy. The registered cultivar will be published in The Begonian, with a full description and photo of the Begonia.

What is Registration?

Registration of cultivars with the American Begonia Society is a way to avoid ‘New Begonia Chaos’.

  • Registration allows the society to monitor and regulate the naming of new cultivars and avoids duplication of names, discourages the naming of plants too similar or of little merit, and guides release of new varieties that have been evaluated prior to release.
  • Before registration, a cultivar is to be trialed for one to two years to confirm the plant is superior and reproducible. This trial period was instituted to help hybridizers pause and consider plant attributes before naming and releasing their new cultivars – to truly select what is best, and not to register lesser seedlings. Also, allows time to build stock of the new variety for future sales.
  • Registration is for individual cultivars with a distinctive trait that can be reproduced through cuttings, or in some cases via seed production.

An approved registration is necessary before the cultivar can be nominated for the Alfred D. Robinson Medal.


Make the required payment for the international registration fee to ABS by PayPal. (link to paypal cart). The fee to register a new Begonia cultivar is $2.00 US per plant.

  1. Submit or Email the Registration Form and other required materials such as photographs to the Cultivar Registrar.
  2. The Cultivar Registrar will be in touch with you for any additional details and to answer your questions.
  3. The Cultivar Registrar will notify you to let you know whether your registration is approved.
  4. If approved you will be sent an electronic certificate of registration for each cultivar.
  5. Last, the Cultivar Registrar will announce your cultivar in an upcoming issue of The Begonian