The trailing types of Begonia are grown mostly as basket plants, so that their trailing habit will keep their flowers at eye-level. Some put on a spectacular show of flowers, usually in the spring. This is probably the least hybridized group of begonias. Most trailing-scandent collections are of species, but some of the hybrids are extremely nice plants!

Many of the newer varieties have a longer blooming period or are ever-blooming. Some have glossy leaves and look like a philodendron. Others grow large leaves and will climb up a totem pole or trellis. In their native habitat, these types will climb up the trunks of trees. Most of the trailing types have white or pink flowers.

B. solananthera | Photo: Randy Kerr

Articles About Trailing-Scandent Begonias

Species of trailing begonias; links are to the International Database of the BEGONIACEAE