Potential Speakers

Finding someone to speak to your branch is always going to be important, it is one of the reason you’ll want to see if any of your branch members enjoy speaking and sharing information because it is so good to have someone local sharing their enthusiasm.

Other local potential speakers include people from the garden centers in your area, local cooperative extension service personnel, and plant experts from other groups or local botanic gardens and arboreta.

Often there are members of ABS who would be willing to do a virtual presentation. You can contact branchrelations@begonias.org for potential speakers to meet your group’s needs.

Some speakers will speak to your group for free, others charge, and others may do it in order to sell plants to your members – so always ask and make sure everyone understands what is expected.

Presentations from other members of ABS

As part of The American Begonia Society’s resource offerings are many topics on a variety of Begonia information:

  • First is the Virtual Education series, a group of recorded lectures by experts from around the world that you can play for your group. These presentations are free to registered ABS members and available in our Virtual Education Archive.
  • Secondly, we have another Archive of Powerpoint Presentations from members. These do not have a recorded voice, so are meant to be a slideshow given by someone in your group. In most cases these also include either (or both) speaker cliff notes, and a handout for attendees.


 Workshops are usually based around an activity and so require a bit more planning and a bit more  knowledge to provide, but we are working to build an archive of ideas to help you build some great workshops into your branch calendar.

Swaps, Sales, and Fieldtrips

 All three of these type events can be fund rasiers, and great ways to meet and recruit new members for your branch. 

Swaps are an easy thing to organize within your branch, and a great way to introduce all the ways to propagate begonias for future swaps.

Sales take a bit more planning but are a wonderful way to encourage new people to join for the event. A sale can be entirely plants grown by your group, with proceeds added to the club’s savings; or consider partnering with a local garden center to have a “Begonia Day” and let them provide plants and interest for people to enjoy.

Fieldtrips are always a popular activity: to local member gardens, or local public gardens, local nurseries and landscaping companies – all of these can provide interest in gardening and a chance for members to interact and enjoy a day out!

Begonia Shows

Can be a great way to draw in the general public and get them excited about growing Begonias. This is a great way to engage your members in hosting a show, as well as giving them an opportunity to enter their plants and see how the judging process works.

There are many different types of shows.

Start simply: Here are some tips for setting up your local show.

For the more advanced: Requirements for an ABS sanctioned show.