Your show will require a Show Chairperson and Show Committee. This group will determine what Divisions will be covered in your show, and what awards will be given. Maybe your show will not be judged. Maybe you’ll only have a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Is it a Branch only show? Will it be presented to the public? The Show Schedule and Rules are discussed in Sanctioned Shows. It behooves you to come up with a simple document covering these considerations even if your show isn’t sanctioned.

Is this your first show? Start out simply. Perhaps you just want to organize your show using the eight divisions, or add a couple classes within each. We’ve attached a simple branch show schedule here as an example.

Show Set Up

Setting up your show requires some advance thought and considerations. What divisions are your entries going to fall into? Have you added additional classes to your divisions? Any special divisions allowed, such as Arts & Crafts, Contained Atmosphere (Terrariums)? How about hanging baskets?  Depending on the amount of entries, make sure you have the table space needed to separate the entries according to your Divisions. You might need a rack for hanging baskets.  

Consider supplies needed. You can find a list of suggestions on this Supply List.  This list is for a National Show, not all items will be needed for your show. Plan accordingly.

Entry cards and labels for plant entries will be needed. As well as any vote ballot cards if you have a People’s Choice Award.


If you have a judged show you’ll need to determine what Awards you will be presenting. An awards list is on the Supply List linked above. 

Judging and Scoring

ABS has stringent requirements for Accredited Judges. They have taken a course in judging, passed a rigorous test and have experience as Judging Clerks and Judged ABS Sanctioned Shows. They are well versed in growing begonias and their growth habits.

There are three tiers of Accredited Judges: Sophomore Judge, Junior Judge and Senior Judge. Their records are logged with the National Judging Chair. Each tier requires more experience judging, writing articles, and instructing on begonia culture at ABS national or branch lectures or seminars.

The scoring process is quite extensive and requires knowledge, judgment, impartiality, and fairness as well as professionalism and grace. Not to mention experience! Some scoring attributes are discussed in the document Growing Begonias for Show.

Help or Information Needed?

Your National Judging Chairs can assist in finding qualified and accredited judges for your show. Email for help procuring judges for your shows.

Are you interested in finding out more about judging or the process? Contact and inquire about the next scheduled class. The class is very interesting even if you don’t follow through with the test taking and experience. You’ll learn alot about begonias, their care and showing your plants!