Increasing Membership and Keeping you Members Interested go hand in hand. Without interesting topics and events to keep members engaged what’s the point in getting together. Many ideas for engagement can be found in our Keeping Members page. So we’ll concentrate on recruiting new members and communication platforms for your branch.

Your branch membership is your best resource. Getting them involved will give them a sense of ownership and community. You’ll need to identify their individual strengths and abilities and get them involved in helping make your branch the best it can be.

Ideas for Recruiting New Members

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        1. Increasing your social media footprint.
        2. Partnering with local nurseries, garden clubs, and master gardeners.
        3. HAVE A TRI-FOLD

Ascertaining needs and wants

Different branches and members will have different ideas of what they want in a branch. It’s important to know why they have joined your branch and what they want out of it. Here are several ideas. These also include how membership can get involved in committee work and how you can identify potential leaders in your group. Change is good and your branch are your members.  



Setting up a remote meeting with Zoom (or other platforms)

Content on setting up a remote meeting with Zoom (or other platforms).

Setting up swaps, sales and field trips.

Content for setting up swaps, sales and field trips. TAKE OUT OR LINK TO TOPICS…

Setting up a Begonia show.

Content on setting up a Begonia show.  TAKE OUT OR LINK TO TOPICS…

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Other ideas for keeping your branch growing