So you want to dive deep!  A sanctioned show is one that involves the approval of ABS and requires a specific format for entries and judging. You’ll need to get approval from the ABS Judging Chairs, following the guidelines set out in the ABS Guidelines for National Conventions and Annual Shows (rev. 11/2014). Know that some of the guidelines will not be necessary for your Branch Show, but the Judging Chairs will help you navigate through this process.

Your Show Schedule and Show Rules, drafted by the sponsor or hosting branch, will require approval by the Judging Chair/Co-Chairs at least 3-6 months in advance. Email them at Let them know what you are planning and they will guide you along the way.

The Show Schedule set out what ABS Divisions and Classifications will be used in your show, any special Divisions allowed by you and modifications based on your location. The Show Rules set out the limitations and requirements for entrants. Both documents are very concise and cover many items. Your Show Committee will need to become very intimate with these documents.

Your branch, as a sponsor, will need to provide ribbons and awards.

Samples of recent Show Schedules and Rules are available in the links below.

2022 ABS Convention, Atlanta, Show Schedule & Rules