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Begonias 1984 Update

The Begonian

2006 through Jan/Feb 2012

The Fourth DVD

is now available, covering the Begonian from 2006 to 2011 plus Jan/Feb 2012 issue with 2011 index. The DVD is full of information about begonia species, cultivation and propagation information, vintage advertisements, Begonia Society personalities and the history of the Begonia Society. You will find "searching" very easy and efficient on this new DVD.

The DVD is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operation systems. A PDF reader such as Adobe's free Acrobat reader is required to view the files. A DVD drive is required - the files cannot be accessed from a CD ROM drive. The files can be accessed directly from the DVD or, for faster access, the files can shop be copied to your hard drive, requiring 4 GB of hard drive space. The files are fully searchable and printable. The contents of the DVD are copyrighted by the American Begonia Society and cannot be distributed in any form.

$25.00  (includes shipping)


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