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Current Seed Fund Listing 11/12/2014 Seed List

Thank you to recent donors for their seed donations: Ed and Phyllis Bates, Pat Maley Belkham, Geoff Bishop, Janet Brown, Joan Campbell, Rob Cullison, Gwynne Fowkes, Mary Fugua, Beatrice Huckriede, Randy Kerr, Kit Jean Monger, Kingsley Langenberg, Dot and Barry Mann, Rekha Morris, Thelma O’Reilly, Dr. Ching-I Peng, Dr Mark Tebbitt, Donald and Daphne Prince.

Membership required to purchase seeds. Payment in US dollars.

US, Canada, and Mexico $25.00

All others: $45.00

All seeds $2.00 per packet unless noted.
B. aborensis var aborensis RM-AR-903
B. aborensis var aborensis RM-AR-1093 (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. acerifolia ($3.00 per packet)
B. acetosa (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. acetosella var acetosella  RM-AR-990
B. acetosella var acetosella  RM-AR-1162 (limited $3.00)
B. acetosella var hirtifolia RM-AR-961
B. acetosella var hirtifolia RM-AR-1136 (limited $3.00)
B. acetosella var. acetosella RM-AR-988 (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. barkeri
B. boliviensis
B. cane fr sf red fl
B. cardiocarpa
B. carolinefolia
B. convolvulacea
B. cucullatta v. arensicola
B. descoleana
B. descoleana 'Riodo Rastao' (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. dichtoma
B. dipetala
B. dipetala RM-SI-2005 (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. dipetala (si 8905)
B. dipetala  RM-SI-890
B. dregei
B. dregei/suffruiticosa
B. echinosepala
B. echinosepala var elongatifolia
B. erythrocarpa ($3.00 per packet)
B. fisheri
B. froebelii ($3.00 per packet)
B. gehertii (limited $3.00)
B. glabra ($3.00 per packet)
B. grandis
B. griffithiana
B. griffithiana  RM-AR-1084 (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. griffithiana (maroon form) RM-R-1124 (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. griffithiana  RM-AR-1167 (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. guaduensis ($3.00 per packet)
B. handelii RM-AR-1202 (limited $3.00)
B. humilis ($3.00 per packet)
B. iridescens RM-AR-1174(limited $3.00)
B. karwinskyana
B. kenworthyeae
B. limprichtii RM-AR-1201(limited $3.00)
B. limprichtii  (2013) (limited $3.00)
B. ludwigii ($3.00 per packet)
B. luxurians
B. mariti rm8-352
B. masoniana
B. oaxacana
B. obliqua pink fl
B. odorata alba
B. olbiqua wh fl
B. palmata
B. palmata RM-AR-701 (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. palmata (variegated forms) RM-AR-1103a (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. palmata RM-M-1203 (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. peltata
B. peltata var peltata
B. peltata  (2013)
B. redsemp/tuber
B. reneformis
B. robusta (red)
B. rubriflora
B. schmidtiana
B. schmidtiana 'Chaurly'
B. schmidtiana 'Honeymoon'
B. semp red fl
B. semp wh/pk fl
B. sericoneura
B. sericoneura x unk
B. sericoneura x unk rh
B. sericoneuria x 'Oabeherd'
B. sizemoreae
B. sizemoreae Peng 20257 (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. sizemoreae (open pollinate)
B. subvillosa (B. U008) 
B. subvillosa 'Teddy Bear'
B. tayabensis 2013
B. udisilvestris
B. ulmifolia
B. vitifolia
B. vitifolia, red
B. wallichiana
B. wollnyi 2013
B. ‘Beingo’
B. ‘Bonfire’
B. 'Boomer'
B. “Dragon Wings” (mixed dark red, red pink,  and red)
B. 'Irene Nuss'
B. ‘Lindleyana’
B. ‘Million Kisses Elegance’ wh/pk
B. ‘Million Kisses Romance’
B. ’Million Kisses’ (Honeymoon)
B. moyesii x rex hybrid (limited $3.00 per packet)
B. ‘Raintree Delight’
B. ‘Shanzii’
B. large semp  RM-DAR-27 (from garden of Lesley Pawsey)