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American Begonia Society Membership Benefits

Seven reasons why you'll enjoy the American Begonia Society 

1. Beauty
Rex begonias, with colorfully shimmering leaves...Tuberous Begonias with the "Rolls Royce of flowers"...tall Cane-like begonias, with huge clusters of flowers...tiny terrarium jewels...winter blooming Reiger begonias...Semperflorens, they bloom all year "round...but thatís not all... 

2. Diversity
Rhizomatous begonias, with lovely foliage (and sometimes fantastical shapes) Trailing Scandent begonias: grow them up, grow them down...Semi-tuberous begonias: grow them as flowering bonsai...Thick stemmed begonias: they can be dainty or humongous, but are always impressive...Shrub-like begonias: the BIG blooming houseplant... 

3. New Hybrids
ABS is the International Registration Authority for new begonia hybrids (and our magazine tells you how to grow them.) 

4. Member Services
45 Branches nationwide...Seed Fund...Slide & Video Library...Book Store (books on begonias from around the world, found no where else)...Round Robins...Research Library...Horticultural Correspondent, to answer your growing questions...Members at Large, with quarterly newsletter...e-mail editor...Branch support through Branch Relations Director... 

5. Publications
The Begonian, full color publication every other month...branch, regional, and Members at Large newsletters...pamphlets on growing begonias, terrarium care, membership, more... 

6. Conservation
Support for 2 Species Banks in U.S. & Collecting trips...International cooperation with conservation efforts worldwide... Adopt-A-Species & Species Listing projects...Handouts on recycling...Tips on organic growing... 

7. Conventions
Spectacular shows, sales, seminars...and fellowship with other begonia lovers (the nicest bunch of folks on the planet)...held annually in locations around the world.
To get started learning more about begonias, join the American Begonia Society. 

Join or Renew your ABS Membership

Membership (including subscription to The Begonian)

     $25 annually - U.S., Mexico and Canada (includes printed magazine).
     $45 annually - Foreign (includes printed magazine).
     $15 annually (includes digital copy of magazine).

Use PayPal, or fill out and mail this Printer Friendly Form to join or renew your ABS membership.

Memberships include immediate family members living at the same address.

Circulation inquiries and address changes may also be sent to the Membership Chair. Click here to email the Membership Chair

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