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Thick-Stemmed Begonias

B. 'Boomer'The thick-stemmed types are not as widely grown but come in various forms. They all have very thick stems. Most thick-stemmed types don't branch much but send up new growth from the base. They also show off the thick stems because they drop their lower leaves and usually only have leaves on the tips. These can be very attractive and are definitely unusual if you're looking for something different to grow.

Articles About Thick-Stemmed Begonias
Title Author Issue
Begonia petasitifolia Brade Iris Bird  September/October 2004
Spotlight on: Begonia dipetala Mary Weinberg  March/April 1990
The Odd and Beautiful B. wollnyi Freda Holley 
Thick-stemmed begonias: many are really BIG   July 1980
Images of Thick-Stemmed Begonias
Begonia Parents / Place of Origin Hybridizer Photographer/Artist
B. 'Boomer' U003 x  vitifolia Corwin - 1979 Ann Salisbury
B. dichotoma
B. dipetala Mary Weinberg
B. egregia Brazil species Julie Vanderwilt
B. grisea Brazil species formerly U001 Identified by R. Ziesenhenne Julie Vanderwilt
B. lindleyana Formerly U041 Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Nancy Cummins' Tingley Mallet x deliciosa Jeans - 1981 Julie Vanderwilt
B. paranaensis Chuck Anderson
B. parviflora Elizabeth Mateus
B. petasitifolia Iris Bird
B. petasitifolia Iris Bird
B. petasitifolia Iris Bird
B. reniformis Kingsley Langenberg
B. sparsipila Julie Vanderwilt
B. U043 Brazil - also known as B. J-11 Julie Vanderwilt
B. valida Doris Happel
B. vitifolia Reyer Jansen

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