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Shrub-like Begonias

b. U402The shrub type is also very variable and can range in size from miniatures to giants, 12 feet tall. Some varieties have leaves up to 24 inches long under perfect conditions. The leaf surface is also variable. Some have smooth shiny leaves while other types have hairy or felted leaves. Shrub-like begonias get their name from the way they grow with many shoots coming up from the soil to make a full plant. They are very multi-stemmed. Most varieties do not bloom as often or as as heavily as the cane-like begonias but some are are everblooming and are used as bedding plants across the country. The shrub type is grown mostly for it's ease of growing, interesting leaves, and full growth. Most shrubs have white flowers but there are plenty of pink and red ones also, and many have hairy flowers.

Articles About Shrub-like Begonias

Title Author Issue
B. U402: An Unidentified Begonia From Venezuela via Japan Freda Holley  November/December 2001
Begonia listida Normand Dufresne  May/June 2003
Begonia Metallica Morris Mueller  May/June 2002
Begonia U446 Charles Jaros  July/August 2004
Begonia venosa in the Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil Jacques Jangoux  March/April 2002
Begonia 'Paul Hernandez' Morris Mueller  March/April 2002
A Plant for All Seasons: B. fischeri Schrank Freda Holley  July/August 2000
Appreciating the Shrub-Like Begonias Virginia S. Carlson  March/April 1991
B. 'Little Brother Montgomery' Mildred Swyka  September/October 1993
Shrub-like begonias: some leaves have hairs   July 1980
Spotlight on: Begonia listada Don Miller  May/June 1992

Images of Shrub-like Begonias

Begonia Parents Hybridizer or Place of Origin Photographer/Artist
B. 'Alleryi' metallica x gigantea Allery - 1904 Julie Vanderwilt
B. bufoderma
B. chlorosticta Kit Jeans Mounger
B. 'Christmas Candle' Sue Hessel
B. 'Chocolate Soldier' identified as B. valdensium Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Corbeille de feu' semp rubra x fuchsioides var. miniata Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'd' Artagnon' epipsila x scharffiana Turner - 1951 Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Daniel Worley' dipetala x deliciosa Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Darlene Fuentes' echinosepala x peruviana Cole - 1981 Julie Vanderwilt
B. domingensis Ross Bolwell
B. domingensis Ross Bolwell
B. 'Dovecot' Freda Holley
B. fischeri Freda Holley
B. exotica Gene Daniels
B. fischeri Freda Holley
B. 'Homosassa' ulmifolia x Winter Jewel F. Michelson Doug Pridgen
B. huegelii Julie Vanderwilt
B. listada Kit Jeans Mounger
B. 'Julie Vanderwilt' incarnata & MacDougal's C243 Rudolf Ziesenhenne Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Lady Clare' scharffiana x luxurians Jensen - 1945 Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Medora' found in Medore, Illinois Ed Bates
B. 'Medora' Julie Vanderwilt
B. metallica Mary Bucholtz
B. metallica Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Midnight Sun' Jill Adair x Burle Marx B. Martin - 1980 Johanna Zinn
B. 'Mrs. Fred T. Scripps' scharffiana x luxurians Scripps Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Odorata Alba' T. Shepherd Doris Happel
B. olsoniae Karen Bartholomew
B. 'Pastel Prince' echinosepala x metallica B. Thompson Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Paul Hernandez' luxurians x gehrtii P. Worley - 1988 Mary Bucholtz
B. 'Paul Hernandez' luxurians x gehrtii P. Worley - 1988 Julie Vanderwilt
B. peltata Alfred D. Robinson Collection
B. peltata Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Richmondensis' Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Rudy's Luxurians' Joyce Pridgen
B. sanguinea Brazil - 1820 Kingsley Langenberg
B. 'Steven Brigham' vitifolia x  unknown semp P. Worley Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Rufida' Viaudi x prunifolia pink Bower - 1937 Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Rufida' Viaudi x prunifolia pink Bower - 1937 Julie Vanderwilt
B. 'Thurstonii' metallica x sanguinea Thurston - 1887 Julie Vanderwilt
B. tomentosa Julie Vanderwilt
B. U402 Joyce Pridgen
B. U402 Doris Happel
B. venosa Jacques Jangoux
B. venosa Julie Vanderwilt
B. venosa

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