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Jacques Jangoux Begonia Photos
by Jacques Jangoux

Serra do Mar and Amazon Rainforest

The Serra do Mar is a mountain range running parallel to the coast in southeastern Brazil, separating the coastal plain from the inland plateau. It lies in the Mata AtlŠntica (Atlantic Forest) vegetation zone, which formed, originally, a coastal strip of rain forest running from northeastern to southern Brazil. The Mata AtlŠntica is separated from the Amazon forest by an extensive area of wooded savanna, called cerrado, and, in the northeast, by xerophytic thorn scrub called caatinga, characterized by numerous cacti. Less than 5% of the Mata AtlŠntica remains today: it has been exploited and destroyed for agriculture (sugar cane in the northeast, coffee in the southeast, cocoa in the State of Bahia), for cattle pastures, by logging, for the production of charcoal, for land speculation, etc. The Mata AtlŠntica has recently been recognized as one of the regions in the world richest in species; it is particularly rich in begonias.

Despite the immensity of the Amazon rainforest, begonias are not abundant there, as opposed to their diversity in the Atlantic Forest.


Amazon rainforest
State - Acre

Serra do Mar (Coastal mountain range) - Mata AtlŠntica (Atlantic Forest)
States of S„o Paulo (SP) and of Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Malaysia - Borneo

Sarawak - Gunung Mulu National Park

Sabah - Kinabalu National Park: Mount Kinabalu


Amazon rainforest

Some identifications are tentative. In case of incorrect identifications, correction suggestions are welcome.

If someone has living descendants from seed of some of these plants sent to the American Begonia Society or to Martin Johnson, please contact Jacques Jangoux (

These photographs are copyrighted, and may not be reproduced without authorization. Please contact: Jacques Jangoux (

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