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The Begonian - Volume 74


January/February 2007

Read about Begonia leprosa by Charles Henthorne.

Kingsley Langenberg discusses differences between Begonia tayabensis Merrill and Begonia hernandioides Merrill.

Rekha Morris tells about natural hybrids from Mexico including B. U494, B. U463, B. U462 and B. U464.

And peruse the Begonian Index for 2006.


March/April 2007

Michael Ludwig discusses SOS (Save our Species). He also tells about the launch of the KOLZ Study Center, holding a lifetime of research, study, physical items and love of begonias by Carrie Karegeannes, Thelma O'Reilly, Michael Ludwig and Rudy Ziesenhenne.

Coming up Begonias discusses growing begonias in a Florida landscape by Johanna Kitson.

Thelma O'Reilly, Project Director, brings us up to date on the Unidentified Begonia Species List - U496 through U510.


May/June 2007

Rehka Morris documents begonias from Peninsular India.

Read about Begonia chitoensis Tang-Shui Liu & Ming-Jou Lei by Mildred L.

Mary Bucholz writes about Begonia parviflora - The Gentle Giant.


July/August 2007

Mildred Thompson tells her experiences with Begonia amphioxus Sands.

Johanna Zinn tells us about her Walk-In-Terrarium, a six foot by six foot plastic greenhouse she purchased at Costco.

Bonnie Lambert and Wanda Macnair of the ABS Buxton Branch, tell us with pictures about the Boston Flower Show and their award winning displays. Some begonias included were Begonia species amphioxus, decora, imperialis. Cultivars B. 'Dido', 'Red Doll' and 'Silver Jewell' were also included in the displays.



September/October 2007

Read about the latest new cultivars - Registrations 996 to 999.

Patrick D. McMillan, Clemson University, tells of his experiences with begonias on the island of Dominica, a small but rugged volcanic island in the inner art of the Lesser Antilles (Windward Islands). He shows pictures of B. humilis, and B. obliqua.

Learn about Begonia U508 from Freda Holley.



November/December 2007

Bill Claybaugh, ABS Conservation Chairman, writes about Begonia U497.

Freda Holley, our ABS Begonian Editor, tells her experience with a mislabeled plant purchased at the Oklahoma City's SWR plant sale. Her plant is not Begonia chingii Irmscher, but she still finds it a delightful plant with soft, light green leaves.

Jack Golding explains that Begonia santos-limae Brade and Begonia kautskyana Handro are distinct species.

And read Charles Henthorne's article with pictures of the variations of Begonia chlorosticta.

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