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The Begonian - Volume 60


July/August 1993 

B. rajah is a rhizomatous species with distinctive foliage. It was discovered in Malaya in 1894 by Ridley.



September/October 1993

B. 'Little Brother Montgomery' is a shrub-like cross by Martin Johnson. It is the most colorful I've ever grown. I was informed that this was a chance seedling, and would like to know more about the parentage of this beautiful begonia.

Trailing-Scandent begonias are small, consisting of about 35 species and 35 cultivars to date. The name is taken from their growth habit, "trailing" meaning to grow to some length over the ground, and scandent meaning climbing. They grow somewhat like vines.




November/December 1993 

B. goegoensis was discovered in Goego, Sumatra. It was introduced in 1881, and first described in 1882 by N. E. Brown. It is in section Reichheimaia, and has 34 chromosomes.


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