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Begonias Tiraumph at Palm Beach Tropical Flower Show
by Nancy Cohen

The Tropical Flower and Garden Show, held February 23-25 and sponsored by the Horticulture Society of south Florida, is aSwamp Boat sail "breathtaking exhibition of tropical flowers and gardens displayed in an 8 1 /2 acre outdoor setting along the waterfront in downtown West Palm Beach." This year's theme was "A Symphony in Flowers." Members won many firsts and Polly Reed won the Paul P. Lowe "Best Begonia" award in the competitive plant show. But it was the Swamp Board Serenade in B. 'Begonia' that sailed to new heights for the Begonia Society of the Palm Beaches.

This year, at the instigation of BSPB Charter Member Frances Hunter (who is also Vice President of the Horticulture Society), the Horticulture Society agreed to judge plant society exhibits. Our display was spearheaded by Joseph Staresinic, who was ably assisted by Donna Bailey, Nancy Cohen, Lee Stakewicz and other members. The Swamp Boat filled with begonias and conducted happily by a gorgeous mannequin complete with music stand, baton, and violin won 3 prizes: A blue ribbon as best plant society display, a crystal vase as most educational display (note the Swamp Boat's sail), and the prestigious show-wide Jean Flagler Matthews Award for the garden that best interpreted the theme of the show. Each begonia had an identification tag with a treble cleft to the left side and the begonia name to the right.

Society Members staffed the display for 3 days, answered many questions, distributed many brochures and Begonians, and sold many begonias. The show was a lot of work but a terrific success: artistic, financial (we made $346 on plant sales), and public relations (we added more than 30 people to our roster of begonia-lovers and would be begonia-lovers).

Thanks to all those who helped.

Joseph Staresinic and Nancy Cohen with awards Swamp Boat
Above we see, left to right, Joesph Staresinic and Nancy 
Cohen showing off the awards.

Above is the display. 
Photos by Warren Resen.





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