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Begonia Kaleidoscopes

ABS Convention 1999  September 1-5, 1999

Begonia Kaleidoscopes

The beautiful kaleidoscopic quilt pictured below was designed and sewn by Westchester Branch President and Convention Co-Chairinan Katsuko Nakagawa. This quilt is just one of the Prizes for Convention '99. Another is a lead glass terrarium designed by Marty Korobkin, very helpful husband of Louise Korobkin, Convention Co-Treasurer. We'll try to have a photo ready for the next issue.

To tempt you further on the delights awaiting you at Begonia Kaleidoscopes in September, here is a "to date" list of the wonderful seminars prepared for you by Seminar Chairman Thelma O'Reilly: 1. Begonia Treasures of Yore. Mary Bucholtz' amazing collection of begonia collectibles will be shown and discussed. 2. Raising Cane-Like Begonia Species. Freda Holley will discuss the experiences leading to her new booklet. 3. Species to Hybrids. A panel of noted experts including Brad Thompson and Don Miller will discuss how species are used to make glorious new hybrid begonias. 4. Challenging Symbegonias & Asian Species. Bill Ash, English begonia expert speaks on the rare and difficult symbegonias and intriguing Asian species. 5. Kaleidoscopic Reflections. Thelma O'Reilly's Banquet Program will present a dazzling slide show looking back on the beginnings and early years of the Begonia Century and the people who made it great, including artist Alice Clark.

quiltAnd don't forget the wonderful tours every day beginning Wednesday, September 1, Lotusland and Pam Hantgin's Garden, Montecito and Ventura; Thursday, Mike Kartuz' Nursery/Weidner's Nursery/Members' Gardens, Vista, Leucadia, Westchester, Palos Verdes & Lomita; Friday afternoon, the Gardens of the Getty Museum, Brentwood; Saturday morning, Intemational Fern Show, Arcadia; and Sunday, Gardens of Elda Regimbal, Orange.

We'll try to leave some time to enjoy the beautiful hotel, to catch your breath, meet new begonia friends and catch up on old friends. Just be sure not to miss this Convention. Make your reservations now. Southern California Welcomes You!

- Convention Committee

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