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Home > Begonian > Volume 60 (September/October 1993, page 156)

B. 'Little Brother Montgomery'
by Mildred Swyka

B. 'Little Brother Montgomery' is a shrub-like cross by Martin Johnson. It is the most colorful I've ever grown. I was informed that this was a chance seedling, and would like to know more about the parentage of this beautiful begonia.

The flowers are pink, I've been informed. You can see the buds in the photo - however, I have much work to do to see if I can get them to stay on, as they dropped before opening.

My plant has grown to about 16" tall, and is constantly sending up new shoots. It is in a 6" plastic pot, and like to be kept quite moist or it will droop badly. Cuttings root quickly in water.

It has been grown all winter in a north window. Perhaps when I move it into the greenhouse for the summer it will be able to hold on to its blossoms - but maybe not: I did move it once, to make room for our Christmas tree, and it was then that every bud and blossom fell off - so that means it doesn't want to be moved around.

B. 'Little Brother Montgomery'

Photo by Mildred Swyka.

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