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Special Issue July 1980: Begonia Handbook

cover for July 1980 issue It happens repeatedly at any begonia show. A bystander walks up to look at the plants and exclaims:"That's a begonia?"

It seems everybody knows Semperflorens Cultorum begonias (they call them "wax begonias"), tuberous begonias (the big flowers are hard to miss), and "angel wing" begonias.

But the others? Forget it. To just about everybody, they're as obscure as the snail darter was before they built the Tellico Dam.

That, in short, is why we are publishing this Begonia Handbook issue of The Begonian. It's a brief and basic primer about the fascinating world of begonias and how to grow them. Though veteran American Begonia Society members may find a helpful tip or two, the Begonia Handbook is meant primarily to introduce new members to begonias.

The society will send a copy of the Begonia Handbook to each new member as long as the supply lasts. It replaces a leaflet, Culture of Begonias, published for the same purpose in 1974.

The editors wrote the text, but a great amount of credit is due many ABS officers and other begonia authorities, who checked our manuscript and made helpful suggestions. These include Jan Clark, Joan Coulat, Corliss Engle, Alice Gold, Jack Golding, Elda Haring, Carrie Karegeannes, Pat Maley, Thelma O'Reilly, Joy Porter, Elisabeth Sayers, Millie and Ed Thompson, and Herb Warrick.


Space limitations prevent us from delivering here more than a taste of this immense and diverse plant genus. It just so happens, though, that on page 198 you'll find descriptions of good books with more begonia information in them.

--C.A. & K.B.


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